User Reviews For Lasix

I started using Lasix for edema. I got this as a recommendation from my doctor. I took 80mg of Lasix and it has helped me get rid of the excess fluid in my body. Since then, I know that I have found the right drug of choice for my edema.


Lasix has worked wonders for me, as it is the best medication I have ever used for treating edema. Though I advise to stay at home if you will take it. I can pee 10 times for two hours. But hey, it does its job quite well! It is really fantastic!


I take Lasix for high blood pressure. I take 20mg of Lasix every day. On the fifth day, I have obtained a significant drop in my blood pressure. I just said wow! This is the best way to keep the blood pressure in its normal level and to avoid any problems such as fluid retention.


I had edema in my ankles and legs. My doctor has decided to put me on Lasix. I also manage urination. I pee every hour, unlike the other people. Lasix has been my saving grace to get rid of excess fluid in my body. I know that it also keeps me healthy without any excess fluid. Thanks for this.


I have a congestive heart failure. I need to keep my blood pressure in its normal level, and I also have to eliminate excess fluid away from my body. I used Lasix and it works like magic! The only noticeable side effect I have ever experienced is palpitations. Other than that, this drug is a terrific choice!


For the past five years, I have been taking Lasix. This has become my favorite drug of choice for getting rid of edema. There are moments when I suffer from edema in my ankles and feet. No other drugs have worked for me in the past, but Lasix is the only exception. Thumbs up to this!


I have suffered from pitting edema, and my God, it was so severe! I sought help from my doctor to know the right treatment for my condition, and he put me to Lasix. This is indeed the best drug of choice for people suffering from edema or other conditions that facilitate fluid retention.


This is the best medication I have found that works fine for the elimination of fluid within the body. I have edema and this is the fitting choice! Though I noticed that it works more efficiently on an empty stomach. I have headaches when taking this drug, but hey, it is worth it!


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