Lasix for Horses. Secure Your Horse from Bleeding

This is a powerful tool, which was initiated with a purpose to help different animals overcome various ailments. Its major secret lies in urination that happens more frequently. Lasix is a generic of a well-known mark Furosemide. It is widely used in veterinary for improved urination in animals. It helps hugely many animals and particularly horses. This mean releases fluids, which may get blocked in animal’s tissues and these are eliminated in the urine. Consequently, the blood pressure of the animals lowers, especially in the aorta and pulmonary artery. The lowered pressure secures the animals from EIPH problem (bleeding due to intensive exercises). In such occasion, the functioning of horses gets back to normal conditions and ensures their life quality and health. That is why Lasix for horses stands in great demand of all horse keepers.

The Role of Lasix

There are different opinions concerning properties and advantages of this preparation. Oftentimes, Lasix is used for professional racing horses. Due to great tension while training and competitions, there occurs EIPH. EIPH is abnormal bleeding induced by overloading the animals. Some professionals state that this preparation acts as a stimulant and that it increases the capabilities of horses, letting them perform at levels they could not reach previously. Thanks to frequent urination, horses lose weight what allows them run faster than their competitors.

lasix for HorsesOther experts think that enhanced urination masks the traces of other preparations, which act a doping and are forbidden to use in competitions.

Nevertheless, enormous bleeding can be induced by other strains, no matter is your horse a professional runner or it is used for some farm works or transporting loads and passengers. Such case is very serious and may cost your animal its life. Sometimes such accidents cannot be stopped or cured without medical help.

Of course, the number of EIPH is small, notwithstanding greater number of horses have “hidden” bleeding, which occurs within the lungs. Such problems may be noticed with the help of a bronchoscope. After hard work or good run, you should “scope” your horse and would show whether blood is present in the lungs or not. In such occasions Lasix for horses would be a great aid.

Prior using this preparation, consult a specialist concerning question about proper dosing.

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