What Is Edema And How It Might Affect The Overall Health?

Pregnant edemaEdema is a case of inflammation as an outcome of the preservation of the fluid within the body. The excessive liquid is confined within the tissues of the body, which makes way for the illness to arise. Commonly, inflammation associated with edema takes place in the arms, the ankles, the legs and the feet. This is connected to the lymphatic system. Lasix is among the best suitable choices for the management of edema.

To manage this condition and prevent it from coming back, it is important to know its root cause. Edema takes place as a result of the capillaries dripping liquid around the tissue within the region, and it starts to swell. This might take place mostly resulting to the enhanced pressure or damage to the capillaries. There are different causes of edema, and the origins.

The Most Evident Causes Of Edema

Edema is commonly resulted by the inability to do activities of daily living. People with sedentary lifestyle are more prone to harboring edema. Those who do not regularly exercise and walk little in their entire life can suffer from this condition. Also, for people who have a job that requires long hours of standing or sitting still, edema is also prevalent. They are more prone to developing swelling.


There are cases when a pregnant woman also suffers from edema. During pregnancy, the body of a woman releases hormones that may give way for the body to be retained within the body. Pregnant moms are more common to retain water within the body than the average women. A pregnant woman typically has an inflamed face, along with the lower extremities including the feet. Sometimes, Lasix is prescribed according to what the doctor has intended.

What Is The Drug Of Choice For Edema Management?

There are certain medications that can be used for the management of edema. Drugs such as vasodilators can help to facilitate the elimination of fluid within the body. In particular, Lasix is the most ideal medication for treating edema. This particular medicine is a loop diuretic that helps the body to avoid absorbing high amounts of salt. This medication can treat edema in patients having congestive heart failure, illnesses of the kidney and other diseases related to the liver.

Edema is normally the result of any underlying condition, which is why it is important to seek help from the doctor and discuss about it. If edema is left untreated, it will make way for other health problems to arise. The management for edema should be known to get rid of it as soon as possible, and to avoid further complications.

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